Members Working in Sports: Macy McCarty

The Mississippi Sports Law Review (MSLR) consists of many law students who share a common goal in obtaining a legal career in the field of sports law. The summer provides an opportunity for members to gain valuable work experience in pursuit of this goal. One member of the MSLR who is pursuing that goal this summer is, the current business editor, Macy McCarty.

This summer, Macy is working as a law clerk for the National Football League’s Management Council, in New York. The Management Council provides advice and council to all 32 NFL clubs regarding their rights and obligations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Management Council’s primary duty is to represent the clubs in grievances, negotiations and other litigation concerning active and retired players. As a law clerk, Macy will assist in the representation of the clubs in all aspects of labor arbitration cases.

Macy is excited about the practical experience this opportunity will provide. She hopes this summer will lead to a career in the sports law field. Congratulations Macy, the Review is proud of your success.