Fall 2013 Symposium in Pictures

Symposium Board1

Berry Remarks

University of Mississippi School of Law Professor William Berry

Katherine Introductory Remarks

MSLR Editor-in-Chief Katherine White

Weston Presentation

Panelist Maureen Weston

Mitten Response

Panelist Matthew Mitten

King Presentation

Panelist William King

Karcher Response

Panelist Rick Karcher

Levien Response

Panelist Jason Levien

Karcher Table

Panelist Rick Karcher

Milling Around

Panelists greeting the crowd

Weston crowd talk

Maureen Weston fielding questions

Group Shot

Taylor Hanks, Woods Drinkwater, Jason Levien, McCauley Williams, Mary Kate Zekert, Maureen Weston, Rick Karcher, Matthew Mitten, William King, William Berry, and Katherine White